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Verde Valley Prepper Properties-that can also be used to build your dream home!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm, while there has always been a demand for large properties for ranches, equine estate and even just to have a little extra space, we have recently seen a great demand for what is often called a ‘Prepper Property’.

According to “Preppers are those who activley prepare for all types of emergencies from natural disasters to civil unrest. They often acquire items such as emergency medical supplies food and water, and more”. Another term for this movement is Survivalism, Many preppers choose to have a bug out property that they make an escape to if things get bad.

As with everything some people take the ideal of being prepared to an extreme and other just like to have a few supplies ready to go.

If the idea of being prepared appeals to you I am going to link to a few properties we have listed that could work great as a prepper’s paradise, a long term, tangible, investment, or as a place to build your dream home or second home.

Years ago Sedona and the Verde Valley was widely publicized as the best place in the state to have a bug out property for it’s access to water, good soil and distance from major military operation. Today however, most professional survivalist have moved this area lower down on their list due to it’s popularity with tourist and the high cost of ownership. However, some of the properties I am going to share, have many of the benefits you would want in a bug out property in a less densely populated area.

Lets get started:

Kit Carson Rimrock

1. 21.55 Acres on Kit Carson In Rimrock, this property is the larges and likely best property we currently have listed for a prepper, or some one looking for their dream property. It already as 2 wells and 3 septic tanks, for great access to water and ease of development. It is fully fenced and crossed fence, and could be shared by a family or group that is working together. It has good access, but there is only one main road in and out. There are incredible views and good soil for growing. Click here to learn more about this property and get current pricing!

2 & 3 The next two properties are adjacent horse properties, a 12 acre and a 14.32 acre parcel that can be bough together or separate. Both are near to the end of a road and public land. They both are on hilltop locations with great views. A well and septic would be needed to build! These could make a great family compound.

12 Acres on Mosher, Click here for info and pricing!

6075 N Popies Way, 14.32 Acres, Click here to learn more!


4. This is the last and least expensive of the Rimrock Properties. This if 4 usable acres priced at only $22,000- with a dirt road in. It will need a well and septic to build. The road into this property crosses a low water crossing, so there is limited access if it floods (there is a back way in).

4 Acres Alina way, Click Here to Learn More!

5. This is our only Sedona Property, Near Coconino National forest this 1.44 Acre lot has no HOA or CC&R’s, it is more situated to be the location of your dream home, but it also a great place to be prepared, near the Oak Creek. This property has a private water company and electric to the lot line.

Click here to learn more about this Sedona property.

6. Here is luxury cabin in Cornville on 2 acres, in an area of large well prepared properties. It has a private well and is move in ready. This is a great place to live, with creek and forest service access near by.

Rafter L Lane Cornville Arizona Real Estate

EL Rancho Bonito

Click here to learn more about this Cabin

7. This is a ready to go horse property on 7  acres, that is fenced. It has fruit trees, a chicken coop and a large garden area already in place. There are plenty of workshops and storage areas. This is 3 parcels that could be sold of separate, or turned into a compound. There are 2 wells and 2 septic tanks in place . If you are looking for a place that is ready to go this may be your option.

Click here to see this ready to go horse property!


8. Last on my list is vacant land In Cornville, this 2.28 acre parcel is located in an area of nice horse properties. It is a good spot to build your dream home, near the creek and miles of riding, but be in a nice spot to be ready for whatever this world throws at you.

Learn more about Country Hill Road here!


Contact Chambers Realty Group to learn more about any of these properties!

Our team is here to help you with your dream of being a homeowner, landowner, investor or even a prepper.