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Named for the prominent limestone rimrocks forming the edges of the mesas visible from the area. However, this area also goes by number of names including Beaver Creek, Lake Montezuma, and McGuireville. Around 1957 shortly after the Black Canyon Highway was built north from Phoenix, one of the largest ranches in Rimrock was turned into a subdivision called Lake Montezuma. The developers were planning on selling much of the property to out-of-state buyers and realized they needed something attractive in the name. They dug out a pond below the original ranch house and named it Lake Montezuma after the area’s most significant local landmark – Montezuma Well National Monument. The majority of the population of the rapidly growing area soon lived in this one subdivision and virtually all of them were not from the local area. They would identify themselves as being from Lake Montezuma not realizing they could be considered a resident of Rimrock or Beaver Creek.

Here you will find the fascinating Lake Montezuma and with its natural beauty, Native American Ruins, their irrigation channels and unusual geology. There is also the V Bar V Heritage site where some of the best-preserved petroglyphs of the southwest can be seen. Several restaurants and antique shops make this a great place to visit or live. It is one of the more affordable communities in the Verde Valle region.

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