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The Town of Clarkdale was founded in 1912 and was originally owned by the United Verde Copper Company whose residents worked in the nearby smelter Clarkdale was built from a unified master plan intended to include all typical parts of a comprehensive planned small town. As a result of the Clarkdale Smelter, Clarkdale was ahead of other western towns with modern amenities. Mining operations shut down in 1953 however today, many of the old mining and smelter facilities still stand as well as the historical homes built to house the miners and townspeople. These homes still are stunning and represent some of the nicest historical architecture for the area. In the valley the Verde River bisects the north portion of the town and is the launching point for many kayakers who float the river for the day. The west side of the town boundary is located along the foothills of Mingus Mountain in the Black Hills Range before you head up to Jerome. Clarkdale is 110 miles north of Phoenix, 50 miles southwest of Flagstaff, and 42 miles northeast of Prescott. State Route Highway 89A passes through Clarkdale and serves as the major roadway servicing the community. There is a lot of new construction in Clarkdale as it has some of the last remaining privately owned land that has not yet been developed. They town has building guidelines that allow the homes to have a craftsman style that matches their beautiful historical homes downtown. Clarkdale seeks to maintain and enhance the livability, health and vitality of the Verde Valley and the natural systems to which it is a part preserving choices for future generations. They are experience vibrant but planned growth and are open to adapting to changing community needs. Some of the commercial buildings downtown are stunning yet need to be restored. This is a great place that will see a resurgence just like downtown Cottonwood when it is time.

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